"Painting With Light - bringing light to the stories all around us"

As expressed through the brush of Sasha Brandt


For as long as I can remember, my love of art has led me on a journey of discovery through the many expressions of art.  I find great satisfaction in being able to express myself through the mediums of pastel and acrylics however I also enjoy charcoal.

My family and friends who know of my love for art are, and have always been, extremely encouraging and I could never have progressed so far without their love and support. I am very grateful for the talent God has given me – to be able to express my love of creation and the world around me is extremely satisfying – but to see the pleasure it can bring to others is an extra buzz for me!

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My Memberships include: the Australian Pastel Society of Victoria (APSV), the Australian Guild for Realist Artists (AGRA), the Malvern Art Society, and the Sherbrooke Art Society.    I have had an article published in the December/January 2011 Pastel Society of Victoria magazine, and one of my works published in the renowned Australian Artist Magazine 2010.   My paintings have sold online and in exhibitions around Victoria including Camberwell Art Show, Knox Art Show, Korrumburra Art Show, PSV Art Show, and others. I have conducted two private exhibitions at Articulate Gallery (no longer operating) and more recently, Boathouse Gallery in Frankston.  My works have been sold around Australia and internationally.
I do not believe in making prints of my art or painting the same subject more than once, so the client is always guaranteed the original and the best. All paintings displayed are copyright. All paintings displayed on this page are for sale or sold, as listed.


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Email: sasha@sashabrandt.com
Mobile: 0434 731 434

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Inquisitive Musings

Acrylic on canvas, 20″ x 20″ SOLD

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Acrylic on canvas. 84″ x 72″ A commissioned painting depicting the various...

In the Midst of Serenity

SOLD 20″ x 20″ canvas. “My peace I leave with you; my peace I give...

Spring Whispers

Spring Whispers Triptych depicting the season Spring. Approx. 55″ x 30″ SOLD....

Autumn Whispers

Triptych depicting the season of Autumn. Approx 30″ x 55″ SOLD. Currently on...

Winter Whispers

Triptych depicting the season of Winter. Approx 30″ x 45″ SOLD. Currently on...

Summer Whispers

Triptych depicting the season Summer. Approx. 30″ x 55″ SOLD. Currently on...

A Heart To Listen

36″ x 18″ canvas. Acrylic SOLD “Then you will call on me and come and...

Through Peace There Is Hope

Acrylic on canvas. 28″ x 22″   For Sale. See ‘Contact’ to...



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